Single Moms Opens Her Own Business

A Painting Fiesta

Single Mom to open/own the First Wine & Paint Art Studio Franchise in Weston, Florida!

A thriving business model that shows no sign of slowing, no matter the location.

A Painting Fiesta is the most recently anticipated franchise to enter Weston, the Florida based franchise is happy to announce its involvement in the Weston community as well as its first of many to the West Broward area. This spring, A Painting Fiesta Studio will begin providing it famous “BYOB classes” along with its educating “After-School Art Enrichment Program” as well as its ART CLASSES for children between the ages of 5-12 to explore the chance if art is a venue to quench their creative juices.Anyone may begin booking their very own “Wine & Paint Party” and bring that inner child/ artist out. Or simply purchase a gift certificate for a special someone to enjoy the night out with family and friends.

“We are very pleased and excited to bring the most quintessential Art and Wine Studio to the Weston/Davie area, we look forward to working with Ms. Fisher and our endeavor to further expand the A Painting Fiesta brand,” says Lesly, A Painting Fiesta Franchise Founder, and President. “With so much hype and crowds of curious potential customers, we see a great future for the studio to thrive in this amazing community.”

Annoyed of the corporate world and the little to no growth in the corporate ladder, Ms. Fisher wanted something new and fun. Tired of working for others and not being her own boss in such a demanding world. Something needed to change, Ms. Fisher was in need of a rock-solid concept, that was stable with very little overhead cost and that she and her kids would enjoy operating. With both franchisee’s backgrounds in business, Ms. Fisher and family are more than confident in themselves and A Painting Fiesta Franchise to deliver the thrill of a booming business.

“We were tired of the mundane nine to five struggle knowing that we were making someone else grow and not ourselves. When we heard of Lesly and Max’s story of struggle from nothing to something and their persistence of the American dream to make it in this world, it reminded me of our first attempt in starting our own business and how difficult it was. We knew from there on that A Painting Fiesta was a strong franchise candidate, after months of research the decision was hands down.Since then we have been in close talks with both owners in the inception of the Coral Springs location and excited to work side by side in the ever-growing success of A Painting Fiesta Studio.”

About A Painting Fiesta Franchise Company

The A Painting Fiesta business concept was established in Late 2011 in Miami, FL. Since then, the company has grown to more than a half a dozen locations across South Florida area in less than 3 years, from there it was well known that this fun concept needs to be given to the masses, without skipping a beat they became a franchise, a booming business with multiple locations, and no sign of stopping.”

The A Painting Fiesta Franchise brand is known for superior customer care, attention to detail in their art instructions, having a plethora of quality art that is handpicked by the APF Owners themselves. From start to finish A Painting Fiesta excels in details and is always looking for improvement internally and from franchise owners. Their non-stop work ethic in bringing the best ideas to the table and putting them to effect and moving towards “Bigger & Better innovations to reach maximum growth.”
A Painting Fiesta Franchise stands tall among the rest in every aspect of a proven business model, it will soon become a well trusted national and international brand name…

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