Dominate the Kid Paint Industry

Why invest in A Painting Fiesta Franchise? One of the simplest reasons, we are the only ones that cater
to children in the wine & paint party industry. While other studios are busying focusing on solely adult
parties and consolidating their empires, we at A Painting Fiesta are focused on one thing, encouraging
our franchisees to make more money in an industry that competitors don’t see. As others deviate we
are advancing in children’s art education while building a model for both in-store and mobile.
A Painting Fiesta’s Franchisees and Founders have been in the kid’s art education field for decades
combined. Knowledge and experience is key in being ahead of the game and while the industry
squanders if they should join us, we have already capitalized and perfected the craft. Does one want a
leader/ business owner to second-guess himself or herself when it’s clearly the sound choice for success
and more revenue for franchisees? Fear stops growth and he who stops innovating is doomed. The top 3
competitors all have the same adult based business models but no clear vision in longevity.
If you truly desire to be successful in the “Wine & Paint Industry”, this will be the easiest investment
decision you will ever make. We are not smoke and mirrors in which one gets lucky. We at A Painting
Fiesta are the real deal for, its inception was to grow and spread art education with a spice of
entertainment and not the other way around. Pick the smart choice with a better, wider business model
and smarter branding.

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