About Us

The Founders

A Story of Colorful Success


A Painting Fiesta's very first studio doors opened in August of
2011 in a very humble neighborhood in the City of Miami.

Founders, Lesly and Max came up with the concept while Lesly concluded her last semester of art school at Miami International University of Art & Design.

It was Lesly’s fear in not finding a job immediately after graduation that led her to pursue her true passion for the arts and entrepreneurship. Lesly’s intention from the very beginning was to create an art program children could benefit from. At the same token parents could also enjoy all that APF has to offer at a reasonable cost. From its inception, they knew they had to combine both. Lesly and Max created a successful business model from scratch that would be cost effective, profitable and easy to operate through their proven franchise system.

Lesly and Max worked very diligently the first couple of years. They opened their first studio with just under $2,000 crunching numbers and saving every penny to help the business flourish. Discipline, motivation and lazer focus was the key to their success. Within the first year, they were able to move their 1st location to a larger space and the rest is history.