About Us

The Founders

A Story of Colorful Success


A Painting Fiesta's very first studio doors opened in August of
2011 in a very humble neighborhood in the City of Miami.

A Painting Fiesta is a family grown business with its roots from Miami, FL and from its humble beginnings has always set the bar to be different and approachable for all ages and diversities. The intent was to always to reach the masses and educate with relative ease in bringing the artist out of anyone!

At A Painting Fiesta Studio ®, we teach in a fun and relaxed environment we are also keen to adapt with each event bringing the most out of each group. No matter where you place one of our A Painting Fiesta Studios, each franchisee will have a full understanding in conducting a “A Painting Fiesta Party”.  Unlike conventional art studios, we present a natural ambiance that is fitting for any culture in any country. A Painting Fiesta is confident of its services. Being world class with its branding as a family friendly outing and yet being able to send a clear message to all adults we enjoy a fun night to mingle with family and friends!

A Painting Fiesta is proud to be the ONLY franchise in the “Wine & Paint Industry” that caters to both adults and children so organically. With such an exciting pastime to all ages, one should at least experience once a class with A Painting Fiesta! Join the smart choice, join a fun thrilled franchise and open one in your area!